Community Association Law

Homeowners' associations run much like a business or corporation. They require a management team, budgets, proposals, meetings and have many legal documents involved. The legal team at Paige F. Bellamy, P.C. focuses on guiding, assisting and representing community associations throughout the Grand Strand.


Homeowners' associations rely solely on memberships and community payments to maintain presence and structure. Our legal team will help draft collection documents as well as ensure payment collections are properly given in a timely fashion. Collections are essential for homeowners’ associations and Paige F. Bellamy, P.C. will use years of experience and all resources possible for homeowners' association's collections.

Small Business Formation

Legal issues impact every aspect of the lifespan of a business entity. The legal decisions begin with the choice of the legal entity to be formed, the legal team at Paige F. Bellamy, P.C. can assist in carefully planning how to make the entity work for individualized goals. When forming a business, we can help you determine whether to operate as a closely held business, limited liability company, partnership, corporation or other business entity. When an entity is formed and a business is started, it may be necessary to prepare and file a number of documents with the Secretary of State as well as various official documents to keep the entity operating and running. These may include licenses, permits, branding, employee handbooks and/or policies, licensing agreements, contracts and non-compete agreements.

Alcohol Beverage Licensing

Alcohol Beverage Licensing in South Carolina can be extremely complex, document intensive and detail oriented. We pride ourselves in helping our clients meet their goals in a timely manner. Since we have assisted several restaurants and resorts in the past with beverage licensing needs and goals, we anticipate missteps to identify and analyze potential issues before they become problematic. Licensing can be very time sensitive and the use of an attorney with experience in this field can help the pieces fall into place while avoiding delays.